Yoga + Acupuncture Reset!

@ Labyrinth/Healing Arts
Presented by Rez Reznikoff, Jess Jones, and Heather Tru
After you arrive at the festival, join us in attuning body, mind, and spirit. First, Jess will lead a short series of gentle, restorative stretches and nurturing yoga-based movement to release the tension of the default world and prepare your body to receive the healing of the Acupuncture. All levels of experience welcome. As you lay in savasana, licensed acupuncturists Rez and Heather will administer one of the most calming and powerful Acupuncture points on the body: the Acupuncture ""chill pill"". This beautiful point, Yintang, takes the edge off of emotional restlessness and anxiety caused by the ongoing mind-emotion treadmill that modern life can engender. As you drift off, Jess will lead you in a guided meditation and simple breath exploration to encourage deep relaxation and receptivity in the body. Meanwhile, Rez and Heather will permeate the air with cooling aromatherapy as a live musician transports you with calming, acoustic sounds. Get ready to indulge in the weekend: re-set your mind, body, and spirit into a state of bliss & clarity in a 1.5 hour sensory experience combining acupuncture & embodied movement. Please bring layers, a blanket and a yoga mat and arrive early to sign a release for acupuncture treatment.