Practice Makes Progress

@ Center Camp
Presented by H.L. Crawford
More broadly important than simply producing the perfect product, the goal of this exercise is to cultivate channels of communication between the individual and their infinite capacity to comprehend their own experience to create from it. We’ll work together to explore the walls that can be found in the unclear or unknown parts of the imagination and reflectively in our lives. As a group, we’ll exercise how to make these aspects a little less daunting or impossible by bringing definition and form to these thoughts through the act of creating art and discussion. It starts with picking one of the two sides of the coin to render, a fear or a dream, a restrictive concept or imaginative goal. By the end of the exercise, we all will have worked on both. In many cases, we discuss concepts like limiting beliefs and how we manifest our circumstances while we begin drawing. Doing this while immersed in the creative process allows a better clarity of the contentions while connecting it with the practice at hand, forming a relationship. As the task progresses, so too can the participant with the subject that they’re working through, making it less ethereal and more defined and manageable. As the renderings near completion, we talk about how our imaginations have not only helped us form clear ideas of these limits and fears but also given us a ritual that we can use to strengthen our control over such things governing our decisions. When rendering a dream or fantasy, each participant works on places, creatures, life goals, careers, family, and superpowers openly and excitedly. We’ll work to challenge the reach of each other's dreams and make every page it’s own universe, examining why one reaches as such. We’ll help each person get from where they were to where they wanted by just manifesting the next steps with critical thinking and the implementation of imagination. As a group, we'll discuss how this isn’t a unique or special gift, but a method of thinking that could be refined, a strength that exercise and practice can achieve, as we will have done with this activity. What I want to nurture and nourish is the ability to imagine entire worlds of solutions from nothing. The minds, with just a spark, can ignite volcanoes. This workshop can be an exciting and memorable way to learn more about how one’s depth of darkness can be a mirror of their capacity for light. For many, it can help with believing that spectacular and wonderful things from this light can be achieved with practice.