Painting with Light

@ Center Camp
Presented by Olga Klimova
Painting with Light workshop incorporates modified elements of the painting technique known as Mischetechnik or mix technique, which is a term spanning various methods of layering paint, including the usage of different substances. It is particularly suited for visionary painting because instead of shading the darks as in traditional painting, this technique uses a different method of painting the lights over a colored background. The light coming through many layers of transparent color glazes and white layers in between them creates an effect of a painted object being multidimensional and lit from the inside. The technique was reinvented by Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs, one of the living elders of the visionary art movement. His impact upon the contemporary visionary art scene cannot be understated. The quality and reception of his work as well as the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism has inspired many people worldwide. Modern visionary masters like Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage and Laurence Caruana were all trained with him. Different methods of application of the first layer of white acrylic paint over black background will be introduced during this workshop. Painting with different media, pouring paint mixed with a lot water and working with gravity, decalcomania techniques using acetate, subtraction method, using different types of brushes for different effects, using spay bottle, plastic bags and paper towels – all the techniques and media will be shown that make painting a playful, meditative and fun experience. The second layer is applied in the form of acrylic glaze over the 1st layer of whites after it dries. The 3d layer is seeing and painting the whites over a glazed artwork. Here, we can actually start seeing the desired effect of this mixed technique.