Expanding Your Movement Pallet

@ Pavilion
Presented by Briana VooDoo
Have you ever watched someone dance and wondered what was it about that particular person's movement/flow/performance which made it so captivating? Do you wish to build up an act that would captivate your audience's attention every second? Well, here's your chance to break down movement into its most important elements. Laban Movement Analysis breaks movement down into effort, shape, shape flow support, Total Body Connectivity, and more. Irmgard Bartenieff, dance theorist and choreographer, studied movement in its most basic forms (birth>death), and from these discoveries dance historians were able to capture every aspect within one's movement pallet. I will be providing basic knowledge of LMA and I will be distributing a chart cheat sheet which breaks down these elements. This information has been used for decades in the dance world, so I would like to share this information with YOU to help benefit your own choreographic practice, performance work, or building an act! 3PM No experience needed, just bring your bodies!