Detox in an Industrial World- Traditional Food and Natural Health Protocols for detoxing in the modern world

@ Hillside/Lake
Presented by Telah
We are living in a toxic world that offers us many opportunities to empower our health. Telah talks to you about DYI detox ,environmental/food toxins, and food as medicine. Here you will learn why a coffee enema can heal your liver and gut, heavy metal toxicity, detox parasites and flood your body with powerful self-healing abilities. Telah will go over logistics and practical how to do technique (no demo of actual enema!). It is inevitable that we must detox in this modern industrial age- where in a time we are fed denatured food, a heavy chemical soup of toxins from even our time in the fetus, then bombarded with pharmaceuticals which suppress pathogens. True healing happens when we take back our health from the industries that are making us sick. In this class she will share ideas on plant healing and food wisdom. Affordable and practical ways to detox and transition to a healthier lifestyle can be made available in an ever changing environment. Telah offers experience in detox and holistic nutrition. She guides people to better health thru her health-supportive meal plans and detox recommendations in NYC and Beyond. Instagram-HandmadeorganicbyTelah. FB- Handmade Organic By Telah