Connect With Your Power Animal

@ Labyrinth/Healing Arts
Presented by PartyBear
Who is your power animal, and what inner wisdom are they keeping for you? How can cultivating intimacy and dialogue with your internal Mirror help you solve problems, answer questions, and heal past wounds? Connect with the guides that are your inheritance from your ancestors, utilizing ritual practice to access a safe, substance-free altered state of consciousness, and learn take-home tools to connect with Spirit every day! 'Shamanista' practices are distilled, accessible spiritual tools for humans engaged in self-inquiry -- we will break down the steps so that anyone can use these tools, no matter your level of experience or comfort zone. We'll also explore why these tools can work from both spiritual and medical/psychological perspectives. Included in the workshop is a facilitated discussion about where these tools come from within the context of a nuanced and rapidly-evolving public dialog about cultural appropriation. Absent this discussion, some claims, methods and applications of these tools can become deeply problematic and harmful. Luckily, there are cross-cultural and multi-cultural lessons available to us that enable us to work within our own ancestral traditions in a manner respectful of indigenous peoples!