Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain and Other Decentralized Tech Will Change Our World

@ Hillside/Lake
Presented by Livi Joy
Forget what you think you know about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - how volatile the price is, that mostly criminals on the dark web use it because its anonymous, that its just a tulip-mania type thing... Take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember the first time you discovered you didn't need long distance on your home phone because you could Skype for free, and then just a couple of years later cancelled your land line because it had become irrelevant. Better yet, try to imagine what it was like for folks who used a phone for the first time, and were able to hear they voice of a loved one hundreds or thousands of miles away, through some wires The mainstream media, so busy obsessing over the latest wild price prediction or regulatory scandal, fails to educate folks on the true relevance and potential of the technology to liberate us (from way more than just our long distance phone bill or even the tyranny of distance in communicating at all). Whether your just crypto-curious, or a hardcore crypto-evangelist, I guarantee everyone will learn something. From smart contracts to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), we'll discuss how distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are poised to revolutionize at least 10 different industries. I believe that the more people who understand this technology and its potential now, during its nascent phase, the more like that it will be used to created a world with healthier people on a healthier planet.