Archetypes to Understand.

@ Pavilion
Presented by Bettie
A discussion on symbolism in the Tarot. Bring your own cards to share, to show and tell. Collective consciousness symbolism runs throughout many decks. We will select a handful of major arcana archetypes to explore these ideas. We will talk about the mythology of the mysticism hidden in the cards, the history behind tarot, and how to hone your intuition when reading the deck. The Rider Waite Universal and Thoth deck will be the main examples. The workshop emphasizes the importance of centering and grounding yourself when working with highly charged symbolic objects. Media and corporate advertising utilize symbols for their own controlling agenda, these images have been part of our consciousness since our ancestor's lives. Becoming aware of, and understanding symbolism allows you to see further into the world around you, opening and empowering you to notice how symbols impact your everyday life.