Presented by Bates Carter
ShantyTown is a cobbled-together collaboration between friends from many walks of life from all over the East Coast, coming together for SummerFest each year to create our own reggae-and roots inspired ShantyTown. With open arms and an aim towards a relaxing island vibe, we offer a shaded oasis complete with hammock garden, small children's book library, tropical drinks, and a relaxing reggae roots vibe throughout our days on Ramblewood. In our 6th year at Pex SummerFest, we will be expanding our creature comforts once again, with an even larger shaded garden of 2-person hammocks, cooling mist fans, and tropical juice drinks for all to come and relax with, 24 hrs a day. Check out a book from your childhood, relax in the shade and contemplate what lay behind and lies ahead of you in your travels around the campgrounds. Evening and nights are geared toward relaxation and recharging of the mind and body. Good conversation and soft island reggae allow you to unwind with good company before heading back out into the fray. This year we will also be offering a "Best Come Heavy" Squirt Gun Armory for those stopping by on the way to the pool. Grab a pistol or two for some concealed action, or grab a larger water cannon to represent your colors in the Ramblewood pool! Saturday night before the Burn, we will once again host our Low Country Boil, open to all who can make it, to feast upon a seafood boil of legend. In it's 7th year, we will be feeding all who come from 4:30-7ish. The Old-School Hiphop hour kicks it off, and winds down as the Burn nears. We will also be doing the Vegan Boil this year, greatly expanded for its popularity last year.