Jurassic Art

Presented by Peter McDougall
Jurassic Park: An Unauthorized Puppet Parody: Set to inspire your own adventures, this live action puppet production based off the iconic Spielberg flick is an uproarious, sexy and heart warming rendition on this timeless classic. Musical participation strongly encouraged! Show times are Friday at dusk and Saturday post Burn. Prehistoric Pilates: Terry the T-Rex will lead you just as any blown-up, short armed, extinct being can! Get yourself stomping ready with this short sequence of silly stretches, meant to impersonate your favorite dinosaurs and get your heart pumping for the heard-hunt! Join us for some downward facing Dilophosaurus and prehistoric herbal concoctions. Dino Impressions Workshop: Want to try and act like your favorite dinosaurs? How about a Velociraptor or a T-Rex? Come on over to our Dinosaur Impressions Workshop! Our Jurassic Art Guides will teach you about some of the different species of dinosaurs and how to act just like them. We will have you chomping and roaring in no time! Jurassic Art Crafting Workshop: We’re getting out the glue and glam to create the perfect prehistoric sock buddy for you to take with you to our Sunday Stampede! Make a Dino puppet or get a new sexy scaly look at our fun-crafting hour. Don’t forget to bring your talons and teeth with you for our Sunday brunch and Dino Stampede through PEX! Dino Disco and Brunch with DJ DINO KUTS: A night of dancing can leave you roar-ingly hungry! Join us for Dino Disco Brunch, featuring dinosaur shaped pancakes and jurassic jams. Please bring your own food/bev vessel and utensils. This brunch is gonna be DINOMITE! The Jurassic Art Sunday Stampede!: Take your new found Dino impression skills, beautifully crafted sock buddies or new Dino costume and follow us on a stampede across PEX Festival. We will be starting from our camp Jurassic Art, and work our way around the festival spreading the ROAR of our ferocious dinosaur pride! Just as “Life finds a way” you should find your way to our camp.