Goddess Grove

Presented by Atrina Brill
The Goddesses each bring unique gifts and attributes that inspire devotion, and have built a Grove of love and abundance. Devotion comes in many forms, though at its core, is the act of giving. Gifts, stories, service, compliments, jokes, cuddles, worship, games, performances...all (consensual) offerings are welcomed here. This how the residents of the Goddess Grove prevail: by offering our riches to one another and subsequently luxuriating in our communal bounty. So come; Give with us. Bring your gifts and share in ours while we bask in a cornucopia of earthly and other-worldly delights. The Grove has been at PEX since 2013 but until recently has been invisible to the untrained eye. This year, the Goddesses are lifting the veil and opening their arms to one and all. We believe that all Goddesses are worthy of devotion; when they share their unique gifts and care for their Devotees, they are in turn attended to in beautiful ways. We welcome all who have the ethos of giving in their hearts, with the intention to give more than they take. For the more that we give, the more that we have, and the richer we all are as a result. You can find us basking in our abundance under our adorned canopies, welcoming in weary travelers who pass through the Grove. We invite all self-identified Goddesses and Devotees to take respite in our haven and indulge in all that we have to offer. Please note: in this context, the term "Goddess" is gender neutral.