Black Cat Camp

Presented by Melissa Klima
Black Cat Camp is a unique sound camp providing a wide range of musical styles. From energetic live DJ sets, to more relaxed ambient sounds, the expansive variety of vibes will create a space for dancing, chilling out, and all the magick in-between. Decorations will include: large cat toys, paintings by camp members, cat art and deco, and more. Full of magickal witchy vibes, our camp will feature an open space for yoga workshops and dancing, Cat Castle Platforms, and a lounge purrfect for stretching out and relaxing. Whether you can relate more to Bastet, Li Shou, or Ai apaec, we will have everything you need to pamper the divine feline energy within and without. From honoring ancient feline gods and goddesses, cat yoga, and all of your favorite cat stuff (stretching, sunbathing, scratching walls, playing with yarn, chasing things...and being mischievous). Join us, with your familiar, for some purrfectly witchy fun!