Art Grant Applications
Open February 26th – CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted an art grant application. We are busily reviewing each and every one, and will be in touch!

PEX Summer Festival is pleased to announce the availability of art grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to creating and presenting works of art at the PEX Summer Festival. We are also proud to announce that in addition to the money raised at our Fundraising Events throughout the year (some of which goes towards Art Grants), we have also raised additional funds through the ART DONATIONS from our previous events. A big thank you to the participants who have so generously donated to the PEXSF Art Grant Fund.

Interactive Arts Event Grants

Interactive arts events are typically live performance arts and events that require an audience of some size. Often they incorporate art constructions as well. An example of this is the Tic Tac Flo gameshow from 2014 or Gaëtano’s International Puppet Theater and Discoteque from last year.

Grants are intended as supplementary funding to help you build your project. PEX Summer Festival
reserves the right to award less than the requested amount and/or pay in installments, based on completion milestones.

Both Art and Interactive Arts can apply for grants through the same form. The deadline for applications was April 1st, applications are now closed.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following (in no particular order):

  • Quality: creativity, interactivity, thoughtfulness, originality, excitement, inspiration, social value
  • Execution: planning, feasibility, safety plan, clean-up plan, budget, time-line, past work, exhibition program

Grant recipients will sign a contract stating their intent to:

  • Create the proposed art piece within proposed time frame.
  • Present the art as promised in the distribution plan.
  • Present copies of detailed receipts greater than or equal to grant amount within 15 days of final grant award reimbursement.
  • Return funds if project is not completed.
  • Include the phrase “Funded in part by the Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) Art Grants” on any and all promotional materials.

Applications for Art Grants are through the form link below. Your application must be 100% complete – answer all required questions and follow all directions or it will NOT be considered. The more details you can give us, the better we will be able to consider the application. A detailed budget is required. In addition to the form please send drawings/photos or diagrams to support your application to the email address

Please assume that any materials submitted will not be returned, regardless of application acceptance.

We will carefully review your application and notify you in a timely manner. Don’t be discouraged if you are not awarded a grant. We have limited funds and are forced to make tough decisions about where to apply them.

Thank you for applying!

Do you have art you would like displayed in Center Camp? Do you want to show your artwork but are not requesting a grant? Check out the Artwork Entry page.