Strangers and Lovers in Color and Light

Presented by DanK
The 6 to 8 paintings will be displayed inside a 10'x10' gazebo both day and night. The paintings done in my signature style (check out my website for examples: and integrated with 3D elements (each painting is roughly 48" x 32") will strive to express the personality and essence of each of its subject. The real attraction of the display will manifest at night. After sunset, the sides of the gazebo will be closed, leaving only the entryway. I will be presenting each and every visitor with a small engraved LED blacklight flashlight that they will then take into the gazebo. Each of the paintings will be done in UV reactive paint. The visitors will then be able to examine the paintings with the aid of the UV flashlight in otherwise total darkness. This will avoid the issue of insects flocking to UV light as the flashlights are not nearly powerful enough to attract them. And this will create a varied experience for the viewer: if viewed by a single person, the experience will be akin to revealing hidden, mysterious treasures, one painting at a time. If a group of people step into the tent together, each armed with a UV flashlight, then the paintings will blaze to light under the combined focus of many beams creating a shared experience requiring coordination from the group. The floor of the tent will be covered with padding and cushions to encourage the visitors to explore the exhibit in a shared space. The flashlights, engraved with the PEX summeriest logo and my signature will be theirs to keep, along with the memories.