Kamp Kounselors Whoop-Dee-Do and the Live PEX Summerfest Logo

Presented by Kamp Kounselors
According to etiquette, the traditional 10-year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum. Come by the Kamp Kounselors living room to see our 10th anniversary present to the PEX community: An aluminum sculpture turning our beloved Ash tree into a life-sized, living PEX Summer Festival logo! The Letsgo vision has been made structurally possible by our kampmate Misfit (James Hoffman), with special effects by Eriq Ellixson. The LivingLogo™ will shade and inspire you by day and come alive at night. Come and be kounseled any time...especially Saturday afternoon during our 10th anniversary Whoop-de-do, and on Sunday during our Dirty Bottomless Mimosa Party!!!