Crank Baby

Presented by Giraffe
* Crank Baby consists of a bicycle frame welded to a heavy steel plate, connected via chains to a 90 degree converter gear system, connected to the cage containing the spinning music box. * The interactive aspect of Crank Baby will allow for participants to slide various tools, metal/wood/pvc bars, and other items into sleeved mounts on the spinning section. These mounts will use a set screw to keep the item in place, then the participant operates the stationary bicycle to spin the center section, making noises as the items strike the cage. * The arrangement and composition of the items will allow for changes in the rhythm, melody, and tone of the piece. The central pole will be sleeved with two large steel poles and two heavy-duty bearings. * In between the bicycle and the cage is a 90 degree gear conversion to connect to the spinning section. There will be a small electric motor in the system to assist the user in gaining speed to make a faster and louder song! * We will make around 40 different percussive implements that can be swapped in and out.