Will Shanklin – Live Painting / Gallery Art

Presented by Will Shanklin
3:33 is a surreal sci-fi adventure set in multiple worlds—and in the regions of higher-dimensional space where they coexist. When work on the forefront of quantum computing leads to a discovery with staggering implications, strange phenomena that previously had been confined to microscopic scales become accessible to the unaided senses of ordinary people. So do other worlds, just as real as the familiar one. Yet that isn’t the half of it—because it quickly becomes clear that the nature of reality itself bears little resemblance to what the majority of human beings had previously assumed it to be. The discovery provides humanity with a doorway into not just other worlds roughly similar to our own—but also into undreamed of, incomprehensibly vast, new possibilities in an infinitely larger meta-world with more than three spatial dimensions. However, that door opens from both sides. Will Shanklin initially conceived of this project as a graphic novel—but as it grew (with a prefigured consistency, as if the finished product was being doled out piecemeal by a miserly oracle), it took on a life of its own—and at some point it became clear that what was taking shape bore less resemblance to a graphic novel per se than it did to an eventual series of full-length science fiction novels illustrated with visionary fine art. At about this point, he had a series of detailed discussions with Sean McCutcheon concerning the core concepts. When it became clear how similar and complementary their respective visions were, what had begun as looking for help with the writing and future science turned into recruiting a collaborator (who is now diligently attempting to catch up to Will’s considerable head start on the artwork). You can keep posted on progress as the world of 3:33 unfolds by following: Facebook.com/WillShanklinArt Www.willshanklin333.com Copyright © 2018 Will Shanklin and Sean McCutcheon