Plum Dragoness (aka gabrielle de burke)

Presented by gabrielle burke casella
Native to West Philadelphia, Plum is a multi-talented thespian, dancer, martial artist, instructor, poetess and writer involved with performing arts since childhood. She is known for her poetic style, vocal performance, fire dance, flow arts and choreographic flair throughout Philadelphia and abroad. Over the past 20 years, she as toured not only as a solo artist but also as founding member/core performer/assistant artistic director with groups like Archedream & Be Tru Dance Crew among many others. She has also independently released 2 albums of original work called “Renaissance of a Poetess” & “Live @ The Rotunda” with the project Plum Dragoness & The Elements. The studio project was recorded at Melody Vision with Emmy award-winning Producer Rodney Whittenberg, while the live project was recorded in concert at The Rotunda. This project is known for its fusion of multi-media, world beat musical infusions ranging from funk, hip-hop, drum & bass to Brazillian grooves that set the background for spoken word vocals & lyrical poetry delivery. At the behest of Plum (founder/hostess of Poet-tree-En-Motion), three artists decided to collaborate, performing as The Femme-mynistiques and blending their respective skills in dance, music production, theater, poetry and song into an illuminating blend of musical performance celebrating the spirit of freedom, femininity and love. Their Debut EP (recorded/mixed @ The Boom Room Studio) called “Here She Comes”, was released in the Spring of 2015! Plum continues to perform as a solo artist and loves the collaborative art of working with others, which is evident through her performance art residency & organizer for the widely praised ongoing community performing arts series known as Poet-tree En Motion that has been growing strong since 2007 at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia!