Omni MC

Presented by Geri Omni
Omni MC is a hip hop Artist, dancer, choreographer, musician and actor who also teaches dance and Yoga. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA Ms. Omni was one third of female hip hop trio, The Femme-mynistiques who released their EP, Here She Comes in January of 2016. She also released More Love, a collaborative project with C Know The Doodlebug of Grammy award winning hip hop trio Digable Planets the same year. More recently, Omni MC co-created and curated the short lived hip hop duo Global Local which attracted lots of attention and excitement from national fans and local radio stations in the four months the group was together. Omni's new single Walk With Me is the mc's first solo venture. Soon to follow will be her solo EP. Ms. Omni is also a community leader in her home town of Philadelphia. She is the founder of Setu Tribe, whose mission is to empower women through a dance created from personal experiences and inspired by traditions and cultures from around the world. She is also the creator and host of the monthly live music event called The Warm Up which unites Philly's musical community in an environment that both honors the city's seasoned performers as well as fosters up and coming artists with collaborative sonic expression and inspiring entertainment. Omni MC loves to engage creatively with the crowd in her artistic expression and journey! She fuses conscious hip hop, vintage soul melodies and call and response to engage and inspire! Come be a part of the vibezzz at the Center Camp Kickoff on Friday!!