Olga Klimova – Live Painting / Gallery Art

Presented by Olga Klimova
Olga Klimova began creating art as a result of mystical experiences followed by a practice of Vipassana meditation. She joined the new wave of visionary artists who emphasize creativity as a catalyst for personal transformation and social change and has studied with Amanda Sage, Laurence Caruana, Andrew Gonzalez and Maura Holden. Through the deepening of her meditative practice and this new approach to oil painting, she was able to discover the whole new dimension in expressing her vision. Her artwork became more spontaneous, intuitive and vibrant. Olga created WizArt Visions, a New York based deco studio which has developed numerous backdrops, fabric installations and stage settings for the festival scene. She travels the world, exhibiting her art, teaches and maintains her studio in New York. “…Putting the mind aside and trusting the flow of creation, listening to what is unfolding in front of the eyes and one’s own subconscious, not trying to control what’s happening and letting go – all are very useful skills not only during painting,” she says, “but in life.” Olga will be leading a Painting with Light Visual Art Workshop on Saturday 2:30-4pm and live painting throughout the weekend. http://www.olgaklimova.com