Russian Roulette Variety Show 2018

March 21, 2018
Auditions for the Russian Roulette Variety Show 2018 are now open until May 7th! The Russian Roulette Variety Show is part of a PEX tradition of stellar performance art, utilizing a traveling sideshow style framework to highlight the incredible talent that our community has to offer. We cordially invite you to audition to participate in a delicious evening of carnival alchemy, dance, fire, magic, and more! Follow the link to the audition page and for any questions, please contact Jex or Xtiina via Audition HERE Do you dare take your chance at the wheel? Audition by May 7th!

Volunteer Applications Are Open!

March 14, 2018
PEX isn't a spectator sport. Help us make the magic of PEX Summer Festival by becoming a PEXticipant!

Volunteer Applications Open NOW until May 15th.

Application Link HERE


Art Grant Applications Are Open!!

March 14, 2018
Art grant applications are open and submissions are due April 1st. The team is super excited to see what YOU want to bring for this very special 10th anniversary. If you need any guidance or have any questions email Applications Link HERE

Car Parking Passes

March 1, 2018
For several years now, we’ve had more cars needing to be parked than there were actually spaces to park them. And while we didn’t want to reduce the ticket cap even further (we think that’s at a perfect number), we thought: hey, there might be a plan to provide a monetary incentive to car-share, while concurrently raising art grant money at a 100% ratio. So… This year, in order to control the number of cars on site, all cars that arrive will be required to pre-purchase a parking pass OR a car camping pass. A limited number will be sold and we highly encourage our community to share rides! All money that comes in through Parking Passes will go directly towards growing the Art Grant funds for 2018. Don't forget to get yours as they will sell out and once they are gone they are gone!