Speed Traps - Don't Get Caught!

June 29, 2018
Hey all you SEXY Pexies! Be mindful and obey the speed limits. There are active speed traps within 5 miles of Ramblewood. And especially SLOW (no more than 10 miles per hour) when you hit Silver Road, the neighbors don't like speedy bears!

Early Arrival

June 28, 2018
PSA - You need to be pre-listed/assigned to a team or project for early entry. Otherwise we'll see you all when the gate opens Friday morning, bright and early at 8am!

Virtual Waiver

June 1, 2018
Are you excited about PEX Summer Festival? Can't wait to get on site and set up your tent or cabin??? Our Front Gate crew is super excited to see you starting this Friday and we've set up SmartWaiver for the front gate this year to facilitate you getting in even faster!  Save time and get a special line just for you by filling out the waiver before you even arrive on site! HERE